Shelley O Keefe, Australian artist. Contemporary art. Expressionist artist, Australian landscape art, social and political art, humanism paintings, colour symbolism.

Shelley O’Keefe

“When I create I often think about being human and what this actually means. There is no one particular answer to this so I am drawn to thinking about its rich and varied implications.

Particularly in the context of our modern world.

My works, regardless of the subject matter, attempt to reflect aspects of being human. In discovering a visual language or metaphor through distortion, colour, light and drawing I am interested in moving away from a physical representation or likeness in order to evoke a more intuitive and existential response in the viewer.”

“Art should not be trompe-l’oeil,
but a trompe-l’esprit.”

Pablo Picasso in Robert Desnos, Ecrits sur les peintres, Paris, 1984.